PETALING JAYA: TV personality Ras Adiba Radzi who was sworn in as a Dewan Negara senator on May 20 is determined to continue to fight for the rights of the disabled.

Appearing as a guest on the Agenda AWANI programme tonight, she said the lack of public awareness of the group and limited infrastructure were among the issues to be addressed at the next Dewan Negara sitting.

“Currently I am in the process of preparing topics and matters to be addressed, together with the Social Welfare Department (JKM) and the Department of Development for the Disabled (JPOKU).

“One of the main things is about work of the disabled community. We are in fact discriminated, we find it hard to get a job, and I was unemployed for over 6 years after becoming disabled.

“I have faced all kinds of hardship for 6 years and used to eat rice and salt and drink tap water,” she admitted.

Ras Adiba, who is also the President of the Disabled Central, said the Disability Act 2008 also needs to be improved especially in some aspects to ensure that the rights of the people are safeguarded.

“In fact, the act is in the process of being amended and enacted so that it can uphold the rights of the disabled.

“Many of the clauses in the act are not very disabled-friendly, so we are in talks to make sure that we can enact the law and fight for our rights and defend ourselves. It’s a matter of awareness, people have a bad perception of the disabled,” Ras Adiba said.

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