KUALA LUMPUR: A doctor has put Facebook to good use by sharing a quote to remind Malaysians to stay at home during the two-week Movement Control Order period.

Dr Gee Teak Sheng, a consultant neurosurgeon from Pantai Hospital, Penang today shared a photo of him holding a paper with ‘I Stay At Work for You, You Stay at Home for Us’ written on it, and also added the hashtags #StayHome and #DudukRumah.

The post is a reminder to Malaysians that staying home not only curbs the spread of COVID-19 but lightens the burden of many medical experts during this crucial time.

The restriction orders all government and private premises be closed, except for those providing essential services.

It also highlights the sacrifices of those who deliver these services, in order to fight the virus and serve the country.

Gee’s post garnered 44,000 shares on Facebook and is also making waves on other social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.

People filled the post with encouragement and appreciation comments.

Tay Liang Hua, a Facebook user from Muar commented “Thank you Doctor Gee and your team of staff for the dedication. Appreciate your efforts to educate the public at this critical time.”

While on Twitter, @adaazam reposted the photo with the caption, “Please, please stay at home. Please support doctors and nurses. Please support this movement.”

Other than health and pharmacy, telecommunications, postal, transport, broadcasting, finance, and banking are among the services which will be available during the order that took effect today until the end of the month.


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