JOHOR BAHRU: The Young Agropreneur Grant (GAM) has helped bolster the spirit of many young entrepreneurs as well as providing them with financial assistance to develop the businesses they are involved in.

This was acknowledged by some young entrepreneurs who were met during the Young Agropreneur Tour here yesterday, which also received a visit from Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food Industries II Datuk Che Abdullah Mat Nawi.

A pair of siblings, Sahiran Jamil, 30, and his brother, Sharil Azmi Jamil, 36, who ran a fish sausage (keropok lekor) and grilled fish cake (otak-otak) business were happy their outlet in Kampung Sungai Danga, was chosen as one of the locations of the Young Agropreneur Tour this time.

Sharil said the Young Agropreneur Tour was a good effort in helping young entrepreneurs like him who were involved in the field of food processing and hoped that such a tour could be continued in the future.

The eldest of six siblings said he was grateful and proud of the business under the name of Lekor Danga Enterprise, which is now able to achieve an annual gross income of almost RM1 million ringgit due to hard work, guidance and assistance from government agencies and departments, especially the Johor Fisheries Department.

“Our business started in 2007. Daily production reached one tonne with the sales market in the state of Johor.

“Our siblings who are all males are involved in the business. So far, we have 30 employees comprising locals,” he told reporters here yesterday.

For frozen curry puff entrepreneur, Nur Hafizah Amat @ Halimi, 31, the Young Agropreneur Tour could help promote her business as well as strengthen the entrepreneurs’ relationships with government departments and agencies under the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry.

Nur Hafizah said she started the frozen food business since 2016 after graduating from the Entrepreneur Guidance Centre (PBU) Telok Cengai, Kedah.

“I started at a workshop near my house in Kampung Melayu Majidee before moving to Taman Daya, Johor Bahru. I received guidance and equipment from the Department of Agriculture,” she said.

Today, the company’s frozen curry puffs were being marketed in several supermarkets around Johor Bahru with a daily output of 3,000 packs assisted by three workers.

Meanwhile, Ngences company owner who produced one of the pineapple coffee products, Mohd Redzuan Shah Ahmad, said he greatly appreciated the Young Agropreneur Tour to the Food Truck site in Tebrau, which was the location of his business.

He said the Malaysian Pineapple Industry Board (LPNM) provided much guidance and assistance under the young agropreneur scheme until his business became successful.

“On weekends, food truck sales can reach RM1,000. Thank you to the Young Agropreneur Tour for visiting my business and the food trucks here,” he said.


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